Malaysia has one of the highest users of Whatsapp in the world. It surpasses United States of America and many other developed countries. In fact, the percentage of Whatsapp users in Malaysia is a lot higher than many other countries which have double or quadruple number of populations in the world like Indonesia and Vietnam.

In Malaysia, Whatsapp is the number one messenger app. At average, Malaysians spend about 34 minutes per day on Whatsapp. This is a stark contrast to Indonesia where Whatsapp users only spend about 11 minutes each day on this platform. The reach on Whatsapp in Malaysia is a whooping 89% while US only has 11% of its population.

Meanwhile, India has the highest at 96% while Indonesia has 41%. In this context, the Philippines only has 10% reach which is very low comparatively.

Malaysia Whatsapp groups

Whatsapp groups are very suitable for reaching a large group of recipients with a similar interest. In Malaysia, groups are created similarly to any other types of group.

  • Lifestyle – Discussions are made on the current lifestyle in Malaysia. Whether it is owning the latest Malaysian car or the best places to be seen, such topics are very common here.
  • Jobs – This group enables members to discuss jobs and careers. Available vacancies can be posted and shared with each other as well as tips like interviews and grooming.
  • Sex – Perhaps a very sensitive issue but a good platform for users to share information. Nothing explicit but maybe advice on health, STDs and such.
  • Food – Malaysian food is always being talked about in any media. This type of Whatsapp group will be the best place to discuss where to eat, what to eat and the best local cuisines around.
  • Alumni – Malaysians like nostalgia. Whatsapp is a great platform to create groups of old schoolmates, company employees and communities of the past.
  • Sports – This group will be the best place to discuss about sports like football clubs and places to play futsal, badminton or swimming.
  • Travel – Being one of the top travel destinations in the world, Whatsapp groups like this is best for anyone wanting to learn more about the top spots for diving, heritage, islands and other places.
  • Transport – This type of Whatsapp group is ideal for travellers and locals. It can provide any sort of advice or tips on using public transportation, GrabCar, Uber or train services.

Whatsapp Rep Office

In Malaysia, Whatsapp does not have an official representative office. However, agencies are able to assist marketers and advertisers on using this platform for campaigns.

Whatsapp Country Code

The official country code to reach Malaysian Whatsapp users is the same as the official telephone code which is +60. For instance, if the telephone number is +60122303211, the prefix of +60 refers to the Malaysian number. That which ensues refer to the operator and the recipient’s number.

Previously, operators use 012, 016, 019 and such which were owned by Maxi, Digi and Celcom. However, this has since changed with the launch of the mobile number portability system. This means that users will can subscribe to any mobile operator and keep their existing number.

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